"spectacle of innocence"

"a fantasy that never needs to be questioned"

"the stories which disney tell will form, help form, a childs imaginary world all over the world, and thats an incredible amount of power"

"children in africa see a white man in the jungle, no black people, so the only characters they can relate to are the apes."

"what kinds of stories get perpetuated in the public eye and why?"

"we have no obligation to make history, we have no obligation to make art, we have no obligation to make a statement, to make money is our only objective". Michael Eisner.



Tim Burton’s Disney Princess’s. so.awesome.

oh wow, snow white!




another off the beat post, but this is pretty great. mean disney girls. enjoy.

O M G.

I don’t have the time, patience or skill to do shit like this but I’m really glad that someone else does.

"Most Americans are passive recipients of the story that the media wants them to live by and only when you realize it is a story are you able to make different choices. You can interpret the story and be converted - from a passive object of commercial pitchmen into an actor living a life that you yourself create."

subliminal messaging

racism in disney

Dark Disney.

The brutal truth surrounding my life

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